Eva & Walter

In 1912, Walter Woodard and his wife Eva bought the Loomis Hill farm. They raised five children.
Teresa & George
In the late 30’s Walter bought a truck and milk route so his oldest son George would pick up milk from area farms and deliver the milk to one of the creameries in the village. He married Teresa Collins in 1942 before going to the war in Europe. After World War II, George and Teresa purchased the farm, rebuilt the barn and milked cows. They raised four children. 
Woodard Family
With his mother’s suggestion, George Jr decided to resurrect the farm and again start milking cows. This was a major under taking since there were no cows in the barn for years. They began shipping milk to Cabot creamery December 2nd 1975. 
In 1982, youngest child of George and Teresa, Steve Woodard would become a veterinary of great renown, and a very important participant in the farms success and the 1990’s organic dairy movement.