We will have more beef boxes available mid March, email to reserve one! 

Looking for certified organic, locally grown beef?

We have two options available for purchase,

1) a small (15#) or large (50#) box of assorted cuts of beef or
2) a 1/4 of 1/2 cow share

Small Box (15lbs)
This is a great option for a single or couple, or for those without an additional freezer.
Box includes 10 lbs of ground beef, and 5 lbs of steaks (a variety of steaks, generally 3-4 total, minimum of one choice cut per box).
The cost is $135.

Large Box (50lbs)
This is great for a family, those who like to entertain and/or those who like to plan ahead. Also a great option to go in on with a neighbor or friend!
Large box option includes 30lbs of ground beef, and 20lbs of assorted steaks and roasts.  
The cost is $450.



Interested in a ¼ or ½ share of a cow? We can help you with that!

Always a great option for those who like to stock up their freezers and be able to pull meat out all season long!

Price is $5 per pound hanging weight

Hanging weight is the weight we get from the butcher, when the animal is dressed but not cut and packaged. A general rule of thumb is your TAKE HOME amount is 60-65% of the hanging weight.

So for example,

if you have a cow that’s 1,000 pounds hanging weight, take home weight will be roughly 600-650 pounds for the whole cow.

If you purchase a ¼ cow, you’ll pay $1,250 (for the 1,000 pound animal hanging weight) with take home weight coming in at around 150 pounds (1/4 of take home 600pounds).

We raise healthy organic grassfed animals!! They do get a wiff of organic grain when they come into the barn, but 99%+ of their diet is lush grass, and good hay that we put up all summer long!

If you’re interested in purchasing, or have any further questions feel free to email us @

To reserve contact Suzanne at

Availability is limited.

Pick up will be at the farm with pickup times arranged in advance via email/phone.
Cash/ local check made to Woodard's farm due at pick up. 

Thank you, and thank you for supporting local agriculture!