Loomis Hill Botanics

Loomis Hill Botanics naturally bloomed into a small business as my passions of preserving and sharing a piece of nature became more and more potent.

In essence, that’s what my vision is, to offer a conduit to connect with nature. & We as humans are part of nature, so connecting with ourselves is a great place to start! I love the vastness of herbal medicine, and how I’ll ever be bewildered by it. It's more than extracting medicinal plant constituents; plants are intelligent, and their spirit strong. 

Whole herb, slow-infused skincare and remedies.

I sustainably wild harvest plants, grow herbs on a super small scale and support local herb farmers in the area. 

Starting with high-quality potent ingredients is imperative.

high quality herbs + simple formulas + conscious blending = earth magic

While I dream of bigger and denser gardens in my future, I really love all things small. As a small (or micro, or nano) apothecary, I make and touch everything. When I receive bottles, I clean them, I make and process the plants, strain them, bottle them, label them, pack them. By the time it gets to it’s forever home I’ve very much been with that product. Most of my products are made by the quart or half gallon. The model of small is almost forgotten in the global industrial world, and it has a ripple effect on the ecosystem. Small farms are disappearing all across the states being replaced with big agricultural and monocrop farming. I love calling Vermont my home, and that we have access to small. With small comes integrity. With farming and gardening comes grit, hope and health. 

I very much believe small organic farms are the ultimate preventive medicine; for the land and people. 

I love plants, animals, and tending to the earth.

Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me.

"A garden, small or large, like a nuclear or extended family, gives us a protected place to grow--not only to grow herbs in a way compatible with nature but to grow in our own psychic awareness, to cultivate our potential for being sensitive and responsible citizens of our planet and grateful caretakers of our inherited treasures." Adele Dawson 

Gratitude note // I’m forever grateful for all the plant teachers in my life. For the seasons, and the rhythm changes they induce in our bodies. I’m grateful for my vitalism, health, and body sovereignty. For feeling safe, listening to intuition, and following my felt sense of what’s right for me. 

~I don’t believe medicine is one size fits all, and each one of us has an endless journey to maintain homeostasis. Herbs are a big part of my journey to feeling whole, I'm excited to be sharing my small-scale herbal apothecary with you. Thank you for being here. 

Also extremely grateful for my history and ancestors. I currently blend in my Granny’s old kitchen and it’s really special. I think of her often.

Accessibility note // If you are interested in anything from the apothecary but are tight on funds, please email me directly. Open to sliding scale and trades. <3 

 “As above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul." Hermes Trismegistus


Find Loomis Hill at:
Blockhouse | Waitsfield,VT
Roots Market | Middlesex, VT
Aromed | Montpelier, VT
Inner Alchemy | Bozeman, MT
Stowe Street Emporium | Waterbury, VT
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