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Woods Session Body Oil and Hydrosol

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Your invitation to tune into shadow, the hermit archetype, the involution stage

Every year has a winter, and every journey of transformation has an involution stage where turning inward is necessary for growth. The spirit of the coniferous forest knows the hermit archetype well. While the branches lie dormant throughout the winter, the roots are hard at work, grounding through the struggle until spring arrives once again and it’s time to flourish. 

This nutrient dense oil and hydrosol blend will ground your body, lift your spirit, hydrate, moisturize, encourage blood and lymph movement and refine skin tone and texture. 

While you wrap your body up in this epic pairing, breathe deep and remind yourself that rest, in its simplest form, is a powerful act of resistance. 

Directions: After showering or bathing, spritz the hydrosol liberally over the body. Follow up with oil immediately, massaging into skin until absorbed. Use daily!


jojoba oil,sea buckthorn berry oil, murula oil,balsam,pine,cedar,spruce,staghorn sumac, poplar buds,usnea,nettle,wood betony,rose hips,calendula

WOODS SESSION Hydrosol 2 oz.

balsam,pine,cedar,spruce,nettle,sumac,spring water



[Ritual Skincare X Loomis Hill Botanics Collaboration]

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