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4th Trimester Elixir

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An herbal blend to aid in mother’s postpartum wellness 

Nettle provides whole-body nourishment.

Rose helps move pelvic congestion and is timeless heart medicine.

Red raspberry leaf has long been used during the 3rd and 4th-trimester uterine support.

Milky oats for soothing nourishment to the mother's nervous system.

Motherwort is a relaxing tonic, relaxes postpartum pains and mental overwhelm and also has an affinity for the heart.


“If you want to take care of the future generation- begin by taking care of the Mothers.” –Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Ingredients: Nettle, Rose, Raspberry Leaf, Milky Oat, Motherwort, Apple Cider Vinegar,  Raw Honey (all organic, organically grown or responsibly wild harvested)

Recommended use: 1-2 droppers in a glass of tepid water.

2 oz , 4oz

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