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Open + Soft Heart Tincture

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Heart soothing, body relaxation blend. 

This blend was inspired by exhausting cerebral days, where I wanted an aid to get me back into my heart and body …a more sustainable and regulating parasympathetic space. Hawthorn has a strong affinity for the heart and cardiovascular system, regulating the heart to normal function. Motherwort is a great remedy for anxiety resulting in tachycardia. Rose and violet added to this blend to assist in the duality of strength within softness; to dissolve hardness and restore wonderment. Catnip, blue lotus and kava kava incorporated for nervous system support. 

When our physical body is at ease, it fosters our psyche to also be at ease. 

Ingredients: rose, hawthorn, violet, catnip, blue lotus, motherwort, kava kava, cane spirit, raw honey, spring water

2 oz

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